Mónica Solórzano

August 28, 2021 | México

Breathable Cities - 3rd Live Gathering

SAVE THE DATES 7, 8 and 9 September ::: Español abajo::: Hello Community! Soon we will meet again in the Breathable Cities 3rd live session. We will exchange and discussions about your projects possibilities. In the coming days, we will be sharing the agenda and other supporting material for the session. General information: Local time:

  • 7:30-10:00 hrs Mexico City
  • 13:30-16:00 hrs London
  • 18:00 - 20:30 hrs New Delhi
Working language English (Traducción simultánea al español) Zoom platform: Meeting ID: 823 8824 6144 Password: 089887 As a sneak peek: You will need paper and a pen or marker to participate in our first-day session. Download the agenda attached to this post. See you soon!!     ------------------------------------------- APARTA LAS FECHAS  7, 8 y 9 de septiembre ¡Hola Comunidad! Pronto nos volveremos a encontrar en la 3era sesión en vivo de Breathable Cities. En esta sesión, intercambiaremos y debatiremos sobre las posibilidades de sus proyectos. En los próximos días, compartiremos la agenda y otro material de apoyo para la sesión. Les recuerdo la Información general: Hora local: 7: 30-10: 00 hrs Ciudad de México 13: 30-16: 00 hrs Londres 18:00 - 20:30 hrs Nueva Delhi Idioma de trabajo Inglés (Traducción simultánea al español)   Plataforma de zoom: ID de reunión: 823 8824 6144 Código de acceso: 089887   Como adelanto: necesitarán papel y un bolígrafo o marcador para participar en nuestra sesión del primer día. Descarga la agenda adjunta en este post! ¡¡Nos vemos pronto!!  

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Jesus Hernandez

September 20, 2021 | México

Conversation Café Series

We are preparing a series of live conversations with experts on the following topics:

  • Café 1 - Building Inter-institutional Cooperation
  • Café 2 - Empowering the Youth through Education
  • Café 3 - Integrating Gender Perspective in Urban Sustainability

We will confirm the dates soon! But we want to hear you question on this topics to help us plan the experience.

Type in your questions with the Café number in the comments.

Thank you!!!


Estamos preparando una serie de conversaciones en vivo con expertos en los siguientes temas:

Café 1 - Construyendo la cooperación interinstitucional

Café 2 - Empoderar a los jóvenes a través de la educación

Café 3 - Integrando la perspectiva de género en la sostenibilidad urbana

¡Pronto confirmaremos las fechas! Pero queremos escuchar sus preguntas sobre estos temas para ayudarnos a planificar la experiencia.

Escriban sus preguntas con el número de Café en los comentarios.


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Mónica Solórzano

July 29, 2021 | México

On the way to the Breathable Cities 3rd live gathering

As all you know, we will meet at the beginning of September on the 3rd live gathering of Breathable Cities where we are going to focus on the development of the project. Now we are working on the preparation of the activities of the session. In that sense, to have an enriching exchange, our colleagues from RICARDO request that prior to this meeting, you can prepare the following tasks: - Finalise your project scoping documents, including a description of what the project will involve, specific measures to be implemented, timescales, boundaries and proposed approaches to enforcement, charging etc. - Complete your project governance model. (documents attached) - Complete your project data mapping matrix. (documents attached) - Review the Clean Air Zone Guidance Document (to be provided by Ricardo in August 2021) - Prepare an estimated timeline of activities to be completed in support of your project preparations (e.g. traffic counts, transport/air quality modelling, economic assessments, stakeholder consultations etc.). Each city/state (India / México) will be asked to present a summary of this work during the 3rd live gathering. We would also like you to consider and discuss potential obstacles to the implementation of your project, including political, institutional, financial and social issues. During the event, we will discuss how some of these challenges can be overcome and how you can build an effective business case for your project. If you have any questions or comments about this task, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

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Jesus Hernandez

August 3, 2021 | México

Q&A With Experts - Best Practices

Hello, Everybody!

Here we share the answers to the questions you provided during the Fishbowl experience in the First Live Gathering. There are some links and interesting information provided by Jochen Hake and Patrick Wichern from Hamburg , Martin Lutz from Berlin, and Martin Kraftl from Oxford. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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